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Frost Damage to Crops

Many areas of Victoria and New South Wales have recently experienced severe frosts. In many cases this has ruined crops for grain and decisions are now being made whether to cut for silage or hay.

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Quality of Drought Feeds

Drought conditions can cause a lot of heartache for farmers trying to maintain their livestock. 

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Season Averages 2013/14 - First Quarter

The mix of samples sent for testing this year is quite different to this time last year. A lot more cereal crops have been tested as standing crops and windrows with a high number marked as frost damaged.

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Is your feed yielding the production you expected?

There are occasions when stock will not perform as expected on certain feeds. Milk production may drop back or weight gain is not achieved. There can be a number of reasons for this performance drop.

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Season Averages - 2012-13

This season was characterised by an excellent start for hay and silage, although dry conditions dominated the remainder. Early hay and silage results showed excellent digestibilities (DMD) and energies (ME), later cut hay tended to return to more normal figures.

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