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FeedTest, is operated by Agrifood Technology, a division of AWTA Ltd, under licence from Agriculture Services Victoria (AVS). The laboratory is located at Agrifood Technology, Werribee, Victoria.

The FeedTest began in 1988 as a commercial operation of the Victorian Department of Agriculture, Hamilton, Victoria. In October 2009 Agrifood Technology, a division of AWTA Ltd, acquired FeedTest. Its objectives are to provide a commercial feed analysis service. FeedTest has steadily grown in the last four years to be the largest fodder/feed/grain testing laboratory of its type in Australia.

We have links with Australian Fodder Industry Association.

FeedTest is an active member of the Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) and chair of their Quality Evaluation Committee (QEC).

The QEC produced the “AFIA - Laboratory Methods Manual” as a means of standardising methods used by laboratories offering quality testing of livestock feeds, particularly fodder. The QEC also instigated “Ring Tests” for participating laboratories to be able to monitor their performance against other laboratories and make improvements, if necessary.

FeedTest has participated in all ten rounds of the Ring Tests and will continue to do so in order to ensure provision of the most accurate information possible to our clients.