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FeedTest provides independent, reliable and rapid fodder/feed analysis using state-of-the-art Near Infrared (NIR) Technology, that allows you to determine the nutritional value of your stockfeed products.

FeedTest has the capability to test all types of Fodder.

FeedTest are experts in the use of NIR Technology for feed testing in Australia.

The strength of FeedTest is that the laboratory measurements of digestibility for most types of feeds are based on rigorous trials with ruminant animals, together with years of experience in research and extension in the area of feed quality. These animal studies continue on a regular basis, and are essential to validate and improve the FeedTest service, particularly with unusual feeds or those for which we have little animal performance data.

Calibration of the NIR technique is also an ongoing process. Different feeds are progressively being tested using NIR, with additional analyses being included in the calibrations.

Being part of Agrifood Technology, FeedTest is able to offer additional testing and broader non NIR analysis to clients. The wider test range includes many parameters, including:

  • Starch
  • Nitrogen
  • Ausmeat ME
  • Mycotoxins
  • Pesticide Residues
  • Yeast & Mould
  • Minerals
  • Trace elements
  • Lignin
FeedTest aim to provide a high standard of service to our clients to enable them to make informed decisions on feeding strategies and the trading of feed products.

Through this website FeedTest hopes to further assist clients by providing an accessible guide to all aspects of quality testing. Our comprehensive online information will allow clients to easily collect and submit samples and then accurately interpret their results.

Download the FeedTest BrochurePDF