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Hay Core Guns - For sale

Do you need a manual Hay Corer or Sharpening of Cutters?

Ideal for Hay & Silage Sampling!

Stainless Steel tube and cutter, designed to efficiently core hay and silage. Hardened scalloped tool steel cutting tip ensures long life and the stell probe penetrates the bale easily.

Recommended for the fast and convenient collection of bale samples for testing. Care should be taken when sampling hay, samples should be uniformly obtained from several bales throughout each sampling lot.

Core Gun includes:
- Handle
- 7/8” Tube
- 1 x Cutter


Link to Brochure & Pricing:

Hay Core Gun

Built to last years not months.......Durable & Tough!

Sharpening Services:

FeedTest now offer the NEW service of resharpening of cutters.

- $38.50 for sharpening


- All prices are GST inclusive
- Express postage & tracking included

For further information:

Please call us on: 1300 655 474 or Email: [email protected]