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Perennial Pasture Systems - Pasture feed quality project

The Perennial Pasture Systems (PPS) farmer group is conducting a pasture feed quality project.

The “Sustainable pasture grazing management through feed quality measurement” project is supported by Landcare Victoria through the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority.

The aim of the project is to provide quantitative pasture quality information to farmers to assist in maintaining healthy, productive & sustainable grazing systems.

Feed samples were taken from single varieties as well as mixed pasture swards and pasture composition was recorded. Sampling was commenced on September 25th 2021 & the final samples were collected in the week of January 3rd 2022. All samples were sent to FeedTest, Werribee for feed quality analysis.



The project results are available at the below link:

PPS Project Manager, Rob Shea acknowledged the assistance of the Feedtest personnel in providing prompt results for the project and interpretation of the information where required.

Perennial Pasture Systems website: