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FeedTest and AusScan - Fee Alterations

FeedTest has kept testing charges static for 5 years, unfortunately due to increasing laboratory costs a small price rise is necessary this year.

As of the 1st of July 2017 the cost of a standard 3 day turn around NIR Fodder Quality test will rise to $63.80 GST included. The Urgent 1 day turn around test will increase to $89.32 GST included.

FeedTest for many years has provided the AusScan tests free of charge to promote the calibration and the adoption of the specific AusScan test parameters. The AusScan Calibration is now administered by Aunir, a leading independent company dedicated to the development and delivery of calibrations globally. The procedures and costs to provide up to date results from the most recent calibrations through Aunir have increased significantly to a point where FeedTest will now charge for this service. An AusScan test will now cost $88.00 GST included when requested by itself. An AusScan test + FeedTest NIR package will cost $93.50 GST included.

Prices for other tests associated with the FeedTest service will remain the unchanged. Tests such as Wet Chemistry, Minerals, Yeast & Mould and Mycotoxins will stay the same.

The FeedTest Service you have come to expect, is still the same as we strive to bring you the best results to ensure accurate specification of your fodder.

“Accurate results mean consistent performance of the fodder to sustain high production levels....So insist on FeedTest accuracy to ensure production maintenance”

For Further Information:

Contact FeedTest on 1300 655 474