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Changes to AusScan Testing

The recent commercial development of the Pork CRC’s AusScan Calibration, has resulted in FeedTest no longer being able to absorb the cost of providing these tests at no charge.

FeedTest for many years has provided the AusScan tests free of charge to promote the calibration and the adoption of the specific AusScan test parameters.

The AusScan Calibration is now administered by Aunir, a leading independent company dedicated to the development and delivery of calibrations globally. The procedures and costs to provide up to date results from the most recent calibrations through Aunir have increased significantly to a point where FeedTest will now charge $33.00 per sample (GST Incl.) for this service.

Note: There has been a change to AusScan sample measurement, the only samples that can be measured by AusScan are: Wheat, Barley, Triticale, Sorghum, Soyabean Meal and Canola Meal.

To test a sample by AusScan only will cost $88.00 (GST Incl.) per sample for the sample preparation and reporting. When AusScan is requested in addition to the standard FeedTest, the charge will be an extra $33.00 per sample (GST Incl.)

This charge is applicable from 1st March 2017.