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Season Averages - 2012-13

This season was characterised by an excellent start for hay and silage, although dry conditions dominated the remainder. Early hay and silage results showed excellent digestibilities (DMD) and energies (ME), later cut hay tended to return to more normal figures.

The overall season ended 1 mega joule ME higher than last year, with proteins the same or marginally higher. Fibres were generally lower, indicating early cutting and good curing. Irrigated crops showed no difference as would be expected.

Grains were very similar to last year, the main exception being the results for oats. Test weights, proteins and MEs were approximately 1-1.5 mega joule higher than last year. This may be reflective of a better season for oats or simply better quality among feed grades.

Note: The data provided is purely the average results of the samples FeedTest has tested.  Care must be exercised in interpreting the data. Please do not hesitate to contact FeedTest if you have any questions on the information provided.

For further season information: AVERAGES 2012-2013PDF


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